About Sophie

Hello there! It is a beautiful day to be alive!


Everything started when I was 16 years old and my mom got me my first camera. At this stage I barely knew what to do with that thing in my hand so flowers and trees were my supermodels for one year. After that I slowly got into professional photography and started to work with model agencies, clients and other creative people.

What photography showed me was that good things take time and working with the right people is key. Nothing makes me more happy than to help people, to support them with the art that I create for and with them - to give them something to remember.

I studied graphic design and photography in Germany for 3 years - during this time I actually thought I would never become a photographer. 

Where am I now? 

Taking photos is my passion and what keeps me going day after day. Especially here in New Zealand I love shooting landscapes but what I love the most is creating content for wonderful, creative people, planning photoshoots and letting my own creativity lead the way. Let's hope it takes me somewhere nice :) 



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